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“Oh, my goodness, you have changed me and my kid’s life. This program (Core Community) has done so much for us. I’ve been clean and sober, got a good job, and my son is doing much better. Thank you so much! I don’t know where we would be without it!”  -Core Community Graduate


Click Here to download the full Outcome details, April 2024 PDF


What are the Outcomes? 

Lives are forever changed for both our families experiencing poverty and our middle class friends. This is a process, but it is working.

We have multiple Core families who have journeyed completely out of poverty. 

  • Income at or above 200% of the 
  • Federal Poverty Guidelines 
  • Home ownership 
  • Debt reduction and resolution 
  • Marriages  
  • Student loans out of default 
  • Degrees earned 
  • Careers obtained 
  • Families articulating they no longer live under the toxic stress of poverty 
  • Lives and generations forever changed 


We Believe:
That building a resilient and collaborative
community to heal trauma and solve poverty can
change lives.
That working together can make a difference.
That trauma and poverty are community
issues that we can no longer ignore.

We see people in our community
struggling. We believe poverty is
the root cause, and we need our
entire community, especially those
experiencing it, to help us solve it.