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Mission & History

Our mission is to forever transform our communities through leading kids to Jesus, connecting them to caring adults and wrapping around families to solve poverty.

Youth Core Ministries seeks to impact rural communities by showing Jesus to kids, families and communities through intentionally transformational relationships and unconditional love.  We use youth, family, and community-based programming; drawing alongside them as they move from poverty to plenty and to a deeper understanding of their value in the Kingdom of God.

Youth Core Ministries is trauma-informed.  We have an understanding of what trauma and toxic stress do to a person’s mind and body. YCM creates a culture that heals, a culture that looks at a human being and does not ask, “Why did you do that?” but rather, “What happened to you?” It’s a culture that understands a person’s behavior is conveying a message about his or her story. A trauma-informed culture is a culture of love, listening, respect, and kindness. It is a culture that gives people space to calm down and permission to be real. It is creating spaces where people feel safe. In that safety, people begin to heal from their trauma.

Our History

In 1995, Youth Core Ministries began as a local Youth for Christ chapter. Geared towards reaching unchurched kids, the heartbeat of the ministry has always been to engage with our students and bring them to the feet of Jesus.

In 2007, an EF-5 Tornado wiped out most of the town of Greensburg, including the YFC offices and teen center. During the building of the new office and teen center, it was clear that God had a bigger vision for this ministry. The leadership began to dream. We asked God to do the impossible for our rural communities.

In 2012, our mentoring program was launched. While we already had an effective outreach, it became clear that equipping mentors to come alongside our kids is an essential key in youth ministry.

In 2015, our poverty project was launched. We had now been doing rural ministry for more than 20 years, and our students would come to know Jesus but then repeat the cycle of poverty. This program was created to holistically help our students and families thrive.

In 2017, to better serve South Central Kansas, we became Youth Core Ministries.

By the grace of God, more than 1,000 teenagers have accepted Christ in our ministry, hundreds have been discipled, and now many individuals and families are stepping out of poverty. We continue forward, with the dream to see the youth and families in our rural communities be reached for Jesus and truly thrive in their lives.